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My name is Steve. I am a men’s divorce coach. I coach men to gain confidence and clarity to achieve the life they desired. I am able to do this because I have created clarity and confidence in my own life. The result of achieving these inner states has led me to a fulfilling romantic relationship, an amazing relationship with my children, owning my own business that accomplishes my purpose and help men all over the world to achieve these same results.

After working with me, my clients gain clarity and confidence. They can understand and have resources on how to have a successful dating life. They gain a better understanding on how to improve their relationship with their kids. My clients have expressed feeling motivated, confident and authentic after working with me. They describe feeling a sense of calm and peace within themselves.

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The conclusion of one chapter and the beginning of another is marked by divorce. It may be a long process, whether cordial or contentious, as you know, hence why getting help and guidance is critical. This PDF is full of suggestions that can help you heal during the proceedings, regardless of whether you have friends to draw on. This PDF will guide you through whatever stage of transition you're in–from wrestling with indecision about your marriage to learning how to protect your finances, dating again, and healing your fractured self-esteem.
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I was in your seat 5 years ago. I was in an amazing profession in the medical field, however, despite reaching success in my professional life, internally I felt empty. I was insecure, not confidence and felt as though I couldn't be my real self.

Through my trials and errors and studying NLP and hypnosis. I was able to BECOME THE MAN I ALWAYS DESIRED TO BE.

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